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A cocktail hour will be held on the grounds outside the barn following the ceremony. A wedding block has been reserved at the Hyatt Place, more details can be found in the accommodations tab. Wedding Party Brigid Berger – Matron of Honor I’ve known this broad my entire life and haven’t yet been able to shake her. But seriously, my big sister. The flower petal and mud soups we made, the Breyer horses we played with. I’ve always secretly wanted to be just like her. I could not image one of the most important days of my life without my big sister. Suzie Mascorro – Bridesmaid Our paths first crossed in the 3rd grade.


How do you get a year-old girl to like you? The first thing you should do is pick something you like about her and tell her you like it. Compliments are good but only one or two things more then that and its kindof creepy.

Determining the value of Breyer horses and indeed of any horse model differs from other collectibles. Action figure collectors, for example, set a high value on figures still sealed in their original packaging, while model horse collectors generally don’t care if a model is in the original package or not.

About This Site Welcome to Identify Your Breyer, the largest and most complete source of information on new and vintage Breyer model horses on the Internet. If you’re looking for information on a particular series of models Treasure Hunts, Holiday Horses, web specials and the like or information on new and discontinued models by year be sure to check out the Site Index page.

The site is entirely free to use, with hosting costs paid by advertising revenues and your purchases made through this Amazon. If you have corrections or additional information, please don’t hesitate to contact me at info identifyyourbreyer. Identify Your Breyer is a reference site and can be treated as such. You are welcome to copy and save the information and photos found here for your personal use. This means that you can use what you find here to create your own inventory and want lists and save those lists to your personal computer.

You may also copy and print information found here for use in documenting your model horse show entries and use site material as part of your forum post, blog, or hobby article, provided that your work is substantially original. In other words, using site photos and information in your article on, say, the history of Breyer’s “red roan” color is fine, but a blog post documenting all of the releases on a given Breyer mold or breed, using only photos and text found on this site, is not.

Giving source credit when you use material you’ve found here is greatly appreciated. What you can never do is use material found here for personal or commercial gain. Some people try to use photos found on this site as their own, most frequently on auction websites like eBay.

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Applications are available on January 1 and must be received by midnight September 1, Grant applications and application information are available on-line at http: Many equestrians face the loss of land available for equestrian use – whether for riding, training, competing, breeding or growing hay and grain.

Visit a local Breyer Retailer for in-store exclusives, Breyer Fun Days and to see.

Please be sure to wear or bring alternate shoes accordingly. Little did she know that the Happiest Place on Earth was home to her future husband. They were initially shy towards each other, with Steven being a little apprehensive of falling in love with someone of which he supervised. When Steven learned that Erika’s stay at the Magic Kingdom was more than temporary, he had invited her over to his Anaheim apartment to watch classic Disney movies, and their love unfolded from then Their Adventure After their first date, seeing Les Miserables at the Downtown Disney movie theater, Erika and Steven went on to enjoy many adventures together.

You could always find the couple at Disneyland, as their free admission made the parks the cheapest date night possible. Being night owls, most of their spontaneous trips came no earlier than 11pm when they would drive to Los Angeles to their favorite pizza place Degrees , enjoy a beach to themselves at Balboa Pier, or even go to Disneyland to ride one ride before the park closed at midnight.

As their relationship grew, their adventures expanded as well. Steven was able to share his passion of baseball and beer with Erika, while Erika shared her love of riding horses and the art of cooking with him. They shared a love of music, and enjoyed several concerts together, including Imagine Dragons, Foo Fighters, Walk The Moon, and others.

Their most memorable trip thus far was the spontaneous week they spent in Ireland with their friends in Early in their relationship, Steven was gifted an Australian Shepherd puppy for his birthday. Steven and Erika raised Geddy together, and he became an integral part of their developing relationship. Erika and Steven brought Geddy to Arizona with them, where they enjoy desert and forest hikes together.

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These books were autographed. They include color photos. Contact Laura Pervier at laurap lonewolfstar. The Great Lakes Congress, Inc. In September, Back in the Saddle mailed its Autumn gift catalog for horse lovers. It’s the story of Snowman, the former plow horse who took show jumping honors in the late s.

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The number 13 is anything but unlucky for three-year-old chestnut Thoroughbred A portion of the 1, mile, historic trail is ridden each year, with the entire sequence taking thirteen years to complete. Its route traces, as closely as In this case, yes! New Magazine to Bring Together Nevada Equestrians Jan 8, Reno, Nevada — Equine enthusiasts in Nevada will soon have a new resource for information about what is happening around the state.

Sagebrush Rider is a new monthly magazine launching in March

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Despite heavy rain and sloppy track conditions at Churchill Downs and Pimlico, the American Pharoah was my first love, but wow, Mike Smith deserved something like this. An additional sculpture is also underway for to celebrate this tremendous accomplishment!

Breyer horse videos online dating part 8 users can upload photographs and short videos, follow other users’ feeds, and geotag images with the name of a pov camera amazon can breyer horse epic pov camera videos online dating part 8 set their account as.

Historic photos of celebrities and pre Hartland personnel 3. Test color models by Paola Groeber and Hartland copies 4. Riders, saddles, hats, guns, other accessories, boxes 6. Values that have received excellent reviews 7. It’s the first book in the Hartland series — so far there are two 9. Once you open this book, an hour can go by very quickly!

It makes a great gift for horse lovers, TV western fans, toy or model horse collectors, etc. What people are saying about Hartland Horsemen: I am thrilled with these books! The photographs are outstanding! If I have opened it once, I have opened it a thousand times. I just can’t put it down. Every time I open it, I learn something new as well as enjoy just looking at the pictures. I have traveled to four different states in the last month and guess which book I took with me to read on the planes?

Breyer Stablemates

Determining the value of Breyer model horses When your hobby becomes the wonderful addiction that many experience when collecting model horse breeds , you may want to start looking at their value. With the range of sizes according to their scale, the number and type of collections available vary greatly. The first thing to do is decide your favorite and begin purchasing those pieces.

Go with your heart on this one and begin with the horses you really love and will admire for many years!

Stablemate Singles Set of 8 includes: Paso Fino, Shetland Pony, Standardbred, Icelandic Pony, Quarter Horse, Arabia, Appaloosa, and Warmblood You Might Also Like Breyer Horses Holiday Artist Signature Ornament – Arabian Horses $

The Lipizzan ancestry is believed to date back more than 2, years, to ancient Carthage modern day Tunis, Tunisia. This North African trading outpost was founded by the Phoenicians in approximately B. When the Moors of North Africa invaded Spain in the 8th century—and proceeded to occupy the country for the next years—they brought Carthaginian horses with them.

The Moors were eventually ousted, however, and by the 16th century the Austrian Hapsburg monarchy ruled Spain as well as Austria. His brother Archduke Charles ll, followed suit in , establishing a stud at Lipizza modern day Lipica, now part of Slovenia. The Hapsburgs sought to develop a powerful, graceful and agile horse that could be used both in the military and in the classical riding schools that had revived during the Renaissance and were in vogue with the nobility of Central Europe.

At the stud farm in Lipica the best imported Spanish Andalusians were bred to the local Karst horses—tough, small, white horses with a high stepping gait that would become a signature trait of the future Lipizzaners. The Spanish Riding School of Vienna: These particular moves are reserved as the highlights of the Ballet of the White Stallions, a demonstration of the classical dressage movements and training. Their heads are long with a straight or slightly convex profile.

Ears are small and alert; eyes large and expressive. The breed is a Baroque-style horse, muscular and strong, with a wide, deep chest and crested neck.

RETIRED” Breyer Horse “Misty” Excellent Condition

If this item contains incorrect or inappropriate information please contact us here to flag it for review. It and the other horses I will be listing for sale have been stored inside in a smoke free environment. I believe I purchased the horse about or She has since been retired and has been enjoying life on the quite farm. She has the “Breyer Molding Company” embossed circle on the inside of her hind leg.

She is a great representation of a rough coat.

Visit a local Breyer Retailer for in-store exclusives, Breyer Fun Days and to see 11,+ followers on Twitter.

Many have been on my display shelves for years. Most are a result of me “cherry picking” the best pieces from the many sets I have owned over roughly 20 years of active buying and selling. Some of these pieces are very rare. Some sets may appear to be higher priced than some similar items on eBay and other auction sites, but you can rest assured I am attempting to describe these pieces to make sure there are no surprises. If there are repro parts on any of these sets, they will be prominently disclosed.

In many cases, I also give you an opportunity to save money by substituting repro parts. Money from the sales of these pieces are helping pay for two kids in college and other family needs. Please do not ask me to deal on them. Many are priced at what I paid for them originally.

Breyer Classic Horse Toys, Collectible Breyer Models

Breyer’s scale models include Traditional Model Horses, Portrait Horses, Barns and Stables, Vehicles, and Tack & Accessories for English and Western, Ranching, Racing and Dressage.

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