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Has anyone out there used the Cleaning Machine from Kobletz that is currently on infomercial? Guess it’s not selling too well! Almost all of the responses were positive with convenience being a major factor. Big Green Machine We have two kids with asthma and live in a mobile home with rugs on every floor. Four times a year or more, my husband and I clean the rugs with our Big Green Machine. It’s easy to use, has stood up to four years’ use with no problems and came with clear instructions. I’d recommend it to anyone with allergies, who doesn’t mind spending time and doing a little work to save money on rug cleaning. And btw, we had our rugs professionally cleaned just before we got the BGCM and they were no cleaner than we get them with it. We got our machine at Damark on sale. Sometimes they have refurbished ones even cheaper and they have a no questions asked thirty day guarantee.

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How to Install a Central Vacuum System May 2, Expert advice on how to install a central vacuum system in new construction or an existing house. Planning is the key to a successful central vacuum installation—both planning the layout and planning the process. To install a central vacuum you:

The Hoover picks up virtually all of the water so carpets dry quickly. This model is mostly plastic so I wouldn’t want to go any cheaper in the Hoover lineup. I go slowly so I need to empty dirty water and refill the unit once or twice when doing an average-sized room.

If appliance is not working as it should, has been dropped, damaged, left outdoors, or dropped into water, take it to a Hoover Factory Service Center or Authorized Hoover Warranty Service Dealer. If you need any assistance: Visit our website at www. Attach Upper Handle The assembled cleaner will look like this drawing. With cord hook D to back of deep cleaner, push upper handle down onto lower handle.

Storing Hose And Tools Rotate top of caddy toward cleaner handle. Slide caddy down so notch G on caddy rests in hook H on cleaner. Loop hose at bottom of cleaner and press into top of hook K. Page 6 Pull tool down and outward.

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Picks up large debris and fine dust from bare floors Corded 4. The Hoover stick vacuum has a low profile base which with its extreme recline handles helps easily clean under furniture while its Wide Mouth Opening covers larger surfaces in a shorter span of time. Its bottom release dirt cup helps empty the dirt without getting your hands dirty.

Pros WindTunnel Technology removes deeply embedded dirt from carpets to hard floors. It is perfect for quickly removing messes from hard floors and is easily stored in tight spaces. Its 10 amp motors facilitates constant, powerful suctions on hard floors and it weighs only 6.

Back to Hoover Manuals Page Model: F Hoover SteamVac Regular Text Search or Search by Model Number Stair / upholstery nozzle * K. Lower hose hook and screw * â ¢ To help prevent matting and resoiling, avoid contact with carpets until L. Nozzle clean – out tool * they are dry. Picking up spills Some models have a nozzle clean.

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Hoover Steamvac Spinscrub 50 Instruction Manual SPINSCRUB 50 MANUAL FOR HOOVER STEAM VAC. Topic on this manual is approximately the largest of the hoover performa manual HOOVER STEAM VAC MANUAL. Available update: Tuesday, Nov 4 i hook up upholtry attatchments to spinscrub 50? i dont have the manual.

I use this particularly to vacuum in those tight areas that are difficult to reach using a regular model. Hoover is one of the most popular names for vacuums, and the S certainly continues the tradition. At the time of purchase, I paid 30 dollars for it. One minor flaw with the handle, in my opinion, is the lack of a grip cover. The suction force is amazing! I use it mostly on really thick carpet, and it does an awesome job.

I use it often to clean carpet spills, and it dries it up within seconds. The collection cup detaches completely for easy cleaning. The collector release latch is easy to press. One tip that I would give is to keep it cleaned often. The filter is attached directly to the separator frame in the suction cup. The separator frame has to be removed entirely to clean the filter.

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No faucet hook-up. r A iSal Hoover Decade Supreme includes a year’s supply of allergen filtration bags. Edge cleaning, headlight, on-board tools and more. No. U

Unfortunately it seems they no longer sell this but I have that catalog and that is the description I’m using my old Craftsman to do my carpets because my Bissell all of a sudden won’t spray solution anymore it would and then it won’t, LOL I think it has an air leak in the lines somewhere as I’ve checked all the “o” rings and other seals I’ve just been using a garden sprinkler can for my solution and then water.

The Zep has enzymes so I spray a little spot cleaner on the spots Folex or the home-brew then mist the worst or the area with a pump-sray bottle For general large area cleaning you can use the home-brew and sprinkler can and vac up immediately. I bet you can get good results with a 3-gallon garden pump sprayer if you don’t want to get the carpet so soaked but my big wet vac pulls it up pretty good I use the car attachment similar to the crevice tool for spot cleaning or smaller areas like next to walls or door jambs but the crevice tool might work as well other than being a bit more awkward.

The only problem with soaking with a sprinkler can is you can “wick up” some dirt from the backing but if you’re soaking well you’ll pull it all out, otherwise you’ll have to hit it again. A 3 gallon pump sprayer might let you just wet the nap without soaking all the way to the backing so you can just clean the top which will also allow for faster drying I’m using a 2. I bet one of the newer 5 HP models would work really well but I’m getting great results.

or Hoover V2 Dual V Steam Vac Lower Cord Hose Hook

S It was getting to the point where it might have been a choice between the dog or my partner. I love my dog, no competition I had to try and find something to help the situation. I knew I had to find a vacuum cleaner that would rid the room of all hair and dander that might remain in the rooms as my current cheap vacuum cleaner clearly wasn’t doing the job.

The Commercial Vacuum & Carpet Cleaner by Bissell: Advance Filtration Backpack Vacuum, 6 quart capacity, adjustable shoulder straps & waist belt, on/off switch with power nozzle hook up, twist-off lid, 4′ hose with swivel cuffs.

Quality Site Navigation This is a very good cleaner for everyday household cleaning. The cleaning head is small so you can clean places others can’t without moving furniture. It also goes flat to the floor to get under furniture. The long cord is a big plus and the cleaner noise is not obnoxious. Darn good suction on multiple surfaces. Finding bags at typical stores is difficult, but a type “A” bag will work in a pinch.

Connecting Hose for Tool Use Hoover Hoover Power Scrub (Deluxe) Carpet Washer FH50140/FH50150